Friday, November 28, 2014

I started a business

I figured 2 months without a blog post is long enough. I am still new at this blogging thing. I decided to write a post on my business, The Family Historian.

In 2011, I somehow thought up of the idea to start my own genealogy business. At this point, I had just graduated from community college and was ready to pursue by Bachelor’s degree. I created a business plan and thought about the idea for some time, but ultimately, I decided to focus on college. Fast forward to my second semester in early 2012. I was taking four history courses. All of them were very interesting and I did enjoy learning new things, but there were a number of things that didn’t feel right. Some of the classes I was “learning” things I had already learned either in high school, community college, or by personal studies. The same feelings returned in the fall of 2012 through a number of different struggles. I only attended classes for 4 days that third semester. September 6, 2012 was the last time I ever attended a class. I did consider shifting to online classes in early 2013, but ultimately the desire to continue college faded.

I had only attended college in the first place because that’s what everyone else was doing.
And that is not a good way to approach college or anything for that matter. I am glad I realized that before I borrowed more money from the government. I could go on about the present state of the higher education system, but I would be getting off topic. As 2013 continued, I began to shift my focus toward that business idea I had back in 2011. I actually purchased a domain and started AMK Genealogical Services. AMK of course are my initials. I never really liked the name at all. It wasn’t until later in 2013 that I actually thought of the name The Family Historian, and so I purchased a domain and changed my logo.

As I worked, conducted my personal genealogical research, and went about my daily activities in 2014, I began researching ideas for growing my business, but it wasn’t until this week that I actually paid for advertising for the first time, on Facebook.

So that is the story of how I started my business. At the present time, I am searching for any opportunities to grow and find new clients.

For more information, visit my website:

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

500 gigs is plenty. Yeah right.

In September of 2013, after much research including changing my mind and returning a PC with 750 GB, I ultimately purchased a MacBook Air with 500 GB. My third computer and first Apple computer. My previous
computer, an HP with Windows 7, contained 581 GB (I just checked to see how much I had in there). In other words, the amount of space was not very different. I wasn’t even pushing the limits. It’s been about a year since I got my MacBook Air, but I was using perhaps 200 to 250 GB of data.

In October 2013, I purchased a video camera. Videos do take up a lot of space, but I had plenty on my computer. I was especially excited because I could use iMovie, which is MUCH better than Windows Movie Maker. As time progressed, I took more photos and videos, downloaded more music and videos, and ended up with some rather large files. That 500 GB was filling up rather quickly.

A couple of months ago, I had a storage crisis, in that I was coming close to filling up the entire 500 GB. In order to save space, I moved my videos to my 2 TB back-up external hard drive and purchased another 2 TB external hard drive to back up my MacBook Air. This opened up about 50 GB of storage, which was great until my most recent upload of voice recordings from my iPhone to my MacBook Air brought me to another storage crisis.
When I learned about the iPhone 6, while I was excited about the iPhone 6 Plus’ 5.5 inch screen, it was the option of a 128 GB iPhone that brought me more excitement. The 32 GB of data on my iPhone 5 is not enough. I keep filling up that space, then I transfer the data to my MacBook Air, which then pushes the limits to my 500 GB.

Now, I have to figure out which large files I can delete or move to my external hard drive. I have less than 400 MB of space on my MacBook Air, and I still have 17 GB of data to move from my iPhone to my MacBook Air.

I should have purchased a larger amount of storage for my MacBook Air. It has been said that bigger isn’t necessarily better. However, in the case of data storage, bigger certainly is better.

Monday, September 15, 2014

I started a blog.

I started a blog. I actually started a blog back in September 2011, just over 3 years ago. It was a genealogy blog which I began at Blogspot. My second post occurred just over 4 months later. I blogged a couple more times in 2012, with another random blog post in September 2013. But that’s it. I have never blogged since, nor have I ever regularly blogged.

I began thinking about writing a blog about a couple of months ago. I even posted on Facebook last month that I was thinking about starting a blog. Of course when the thought of a blog comes to mind, the question is, what do I blog about? That is perhaps one of the most common questions someone may ask if you tell them you have a blog. “What is it about?”

That is the same question I asked myself a couple of months ago when I decided to seriously consider starting a blog. Actually, I have wanted to blog regularly for years now. When it all comes down to it, I don’t want to limit my blog to just one topic or theme. I have interests in more than one thing. So the question is, what will I be blogging about? The answer to that is more clear–“Anything I want.” I don’t have a set theme. I am a writer and there are numerous topics I could blog about, so I will not limit myself to just one theme.

So, I purchased a domain. I installed WordPress. I found a theme, and I wrote this first blog post. There are numerous themes I could have chosen. I just picked one that looked alright, so that I could get my blog started. Although there are many themes I could simply install, I have considered designing my own blog design. I taught myself HTML back in 2003, and so I know coding. However, coding the right theme will take time to explore different options. As time progresses, I will have a design I will truly like.
So there it is. My first blog post without limiting my scope. I talked about how this blog came to be. It’s nearly midnight, and so I am going to end this blog post and explore the administrator panel of WordPress. It will be interesting to see where this blog goes.

Edit: On August 29, 2015, I merged my old blog with my new one.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wheeler Timeline

Wheeler timeline
John and Julia Wheeler - my 4th great grandparents
Henry and Jeanette Wheeler - my 3rd great grandparents
Emma Wheeler - my 2nd great grandmother

1806                                       John Wheeler, Jr. is born in New York.
c 1815                                    Julia Ann Love is born in New York (dau. of Richard and
                                               Charlotte (Rose) Love)
c 1833                                    David Wheeler is born in New York.
February 11, 1834            Susan Wheeler is born in New York.
February 11, 1834            LaMott Wheeler is born in New York.
March 18, 1834                  John Jr. and Julia are married in Gerry, New York.
June 1, 1835                       William Wheeler is born in New York.
1835 Census                       Taken in Gerry, New York
.                                               4 Males (John, Lamott, William, and UNKNOWN)
.                                               2 Male Votes (John and UNKNOWN)
.                                               3 Females (Julia, Susan, and UNKNOWN)                                             
.                                               1 Married Female Under 45 (Julia)
.                                               1 Male birth in past year (William)
.                                               4 Acres of land.
.                                               *David could not fit
c1838                                     Curtis Wheeler is born in Gerry, New York
1840 Census                       Taken in Gerry, New York
                                                1 Male Under 5 (Curtis, age 2)
                                                1 Male 5-10 (LaMott, age 6)
                                                1 Male 5-10 (William, age 5)
                                                1 Male 30-40 (John, age 33)
                                                1 Female Under 5 (Susan, age 6)
                                                1 Female 20-30 (Julia, age 25)
January 3, 1842                 Jennette M. Wheeler is born in New York (probably in Gerry)
January 11, 1845               Henry Wheeler is born in Gerry, New York
July 1847                              Caroline Wheeler is born in New York
December 16, 1849         John Wheeler, III is born in New York
1850 Census                       Taken in Poland, Chautauqua, New York
                                                John Wheeler, age 43
                                                Julia Wheeler, age 35
.                                               Charlotte Rose, age 78 (Julia’s mother)
                                                David Wheeler, age 17
                                                William Wheeler, age 15
                                                Curtis Wheeler, age 12
                                                Susan Wheeler, age 10 (should be 16)
                                                Jennette Wheeler, age 8
                                                Henry Wheeler, age 5
                                                John Wheeler, age 5 months
                                                *LaMott’s whereabouts is unknown in 1850
c 1852                                    Addie Wheeler is born in New York
November 27, 1854         Warren A. Wheeler is born in New York
January 1860                      John Wheeler, Jr. dies of typhoid fever, age 52
February 1860                   Charles A. Wheeler, last child of John and Julia, is born
1860 Census                       Taken in Poland, Chautauqua, New York
.                                               Julia A. Wheeler, age 45
                                                LaMott Wheeler, age 26
                                                Jennette Wheeler, age 18
                                                Henry Wheeler, age 15
                                                Caroline Wheeler, age 12
                                                John Wheeler (III), age 10
                                                Addie Wheeler, age 8
                                                Charles A. Wheeler, age 1
                                                *Susan (20) is with husband David Clark (24)
                                                *Curtis’ whereabouts is unknown in 1860
January 28, 1862               Curtis Wheeler dies of cough fever at Camp Wool, VA, age 24
August 31, 1862                LaMott Wheeler enlists in Co. G, 112th NY Infantry
July 27, 1864                       Susan E. Wheeler Clark dies at age 30
August 31, 1864                Henry Wheeler enlists in Co. C. 9th NY Cavalry
June 1, 1865                       Henry Wheeler is discharged at Winchester, Virginia
June 13, 1865                     LaMott Wheeler is discharged at Raleigh, North Carolina
1865 NY Census                Taken in Poland, Chautauqua, New York
.                                               Julia Wheeler, age 49
.                                               Henry Wheeler, age 20
.                                               John Wheeler, age 15
.                                               Ada Wheeler, age 13
.                                               Charles Wheeler, age 4
.                                               Jennette Stedman, age 22
.                                               Isaac Stedman, age 36
.                                               *LaMott, William, and Warren’s whereabouts are unknown in 1865
June 25, 1867                     Jennette M. Wheeler Stedman dies at the age of 25
1870 Census                       Taken in Poland, Chautauqua, New York
.                                               Julia Wheeler, age 50
.                                               Adda Wheeler, age 16 (disappears from records after this)
.                                               Warren Wheeler, age 15
.                                               Charles Wheeler, age 12
.                                               *William (34) is with wife Minerva (32) and daughters
                                                        Cora (12) and Mary (10)
.                                               *LaMott (36) is with wife Eliza (24) and daughter Belle (4)
                                                       – LaMott disappears from records after this
.                                               *Henry (25) is with wife Jeanette (22) and daughter Emma (2)
.                                               *Caroline (21) is with husband Francis Schuyler (35)
                                                         and children Henry (5) and Nettie (3)
May 14, 1874                      Warren A. Wheeler dies at age 19
1875 NY Census                Taken in Poland, Chautauqua, New York
.                                               Julia Wheeler, age 60
.                                               Henry Wheeler, age 28
.                                               John Wheeler, age 24
.                                               Warren Wheeler, age 19 (odd since he died previous year)
February 21, 1879            John Wheeler, III dies at the age of 29
1880 Census                       Taken in Poland, Chautauqua, New York
.                                               Julia Wheeler, age 65
.                                               Charles Wheeler, age 21
June 30, 1885                     William M. Wheeler dies at age 50
April 15, 1887                     Julia Ann (Love) Wheeler dies at age 72
December 13, 1897         Henry Wheeler dies at age 52
August 21, 1921                Caroline (Wheeler) Schuyler dies at age 74

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stephen Harrington and Sarah Ann Brown

Here we go. Stephen Harrington and Sarah Ann Brown are my 4th Great Grandparents.

Problem: I do not know who their parents are.

Stephen Harrington
born April 29, 1806 in Rensselaer County, New York, USA
died March 21, 1892 in Chautauqua County, New York, USA
burial Fluvanna Cemetery
Parents: UNKNOWN
Sarah Ann "Sally" (Brown) Harrington
born April 20, 1804 in Rhode Island, USA (or New York)
died March 31, 1869 in Carroll, Chautauqua, New York, USA
burial Fluvanna Cemetery
Parents: UNKNOWN
Then there is this Susanna Harrington in the same cemetery.

Susanna Harrington Hoard
born June 16, 1764
died June 6, 1848 in Fluvanna, Chautauqua, New York, USA
burial Fluvanna Cemetery
married to Samuel Hoard

Question: Is Susanna Harrington Hoard related to Stephen Harrington (1806-1892)?
 - She is buried in the same cemetery as Stephen Harrington (1806-1892)
 - Stephen Harrington (1806-1892) had a daughter named Susanna
 - Susanna had a BROTHER in Cattaraugus County, New York named Stephen Harrington (name runs in family?)

Susanna was married to Samuel Hoard

Samuel Hoard
born February 25, 1758 in Scituate, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
died June 16, 1848 in Fluvanna, Chautauqua, New York, USA
burial Fluvanna Cemetery
Parents: Samuel Hoard and Martha Cole

Samuel's 1st marriage was to Lucy Gates

Susanna's brother?

Stephen Harrington of Cattaraugus County, New York
born c 1792 in New York
living in Cattaraugus Co., NY in 1850

Question: Is he Susanna's brother?
 - 28 year difference makes it doubtful
 - he does live in Cattaraugus Co., NY at the time of the probate
 - he lives near Samuel Hoard, Jr. (son of Samuel and Lucy, above)

Sarah Brown Harrington's father?

Alexander Brown
born 1770 in Rhode Island
died 1843 in Fluvanna, Chautauqua, New York, USA
burial Fluvanna Cemetery

Question: Is Alexander Brown the father of Sarah Ann Brown (1804-1869)? - He would have been 34 when Sarah was born
 - He is buried at the same cemetery
 - One of Sarah's sons is Alexander Harrington (1835-1920) (name runs in family?)
 - His son is Alexander Brown, Jr., who married Lucy Hoard, daughter of Samuel Hoard and Lucy Gates (see above)
 - He was born in Rhode Island (where Sarah was probably born)
 - His son Alexander Jr. was born in Rensselaer Co., NY (same county as Stephen Harrington (1806-1892)
 - Seemingly same migration pattern in the early 19th century.

I still cannot find anything definite. But I think Alexander Brown is the father of Sally Brown Harrington. But I don't really know.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

End of Winter Break

Well, it is the end of Winter Break. I go back to College tomorrow. I was able to get a lot of research done this past month and a half. I have even worked more on my manuscripts for Johnson, Washburg, Harrington, Buskirk, Harrison, and Wheeler. We are also less than 2 and a half months away from the release of the 1940 census!

Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16, 2012

I really don't write in my blog much, but I might write a little bit more. As I write here, I have do not have a lot of followers and I don't think anyone is really reading this. I think I will write more on my genealogical research. Maybe I will post some jokes or link to some interesting articles or websites. We will see.